Monday, March 7, 2011


Just a quick broadside at recent news events here in the Archipelago of Disappointment, and its third-largest island, Hagedornia--er, Palawan.

Why don't we just change the name of Palawan Island to Hagedornia and get it over with? It's full steam ahead for Edward Hagedorn and his dynasty of Hagedorns to take over the Palawan governorship in 2013, capture the entire control of Palawan, and start selling off entire islands and large portions of the province to the highest foreign bidder, for golf courses and whatnot.

With Joel Reyes facing a murder charge, and Baham Mitra, Abueg and the rest of the political heavyweights in Palawan being accused of illegal mining and logging, and facing a smear campaign launched by ABS-CBN, it's all systems go for Edward Hagedorn and his gigantic ego and ambition to finally become the governor of Palawan, something he's been salivating at for years. Twice he's tried for governor of Palawan, and twice he's been beaten, once by Salvador Socrates, and once by Joel Reyes.

But Hagedorn hates to lose--to anyone. Something bad always happens to opponents who manage to beat him. Look where his opponents are now. Badong Socrates sleeps with the fishes off Cagayancillo Island. Joel Reyes will probably go to jail sometime in the near future. Whether Hagedorn had a hand in these incidents or not, only his army of goons know for sure.

Hagedorn has just obliterated any political rival he may have for the forthcoming 2013 gubernatorial elections. For this he can thank Gina Lopez and her idiotic endorsement of issues she patronizingly thinks is good for the common tao, and ABS-CBN's blatant violation of journalistic objectivity regarding the Ortega murder case. He can also thank the foreign environmental groups for their sanctimonious support for anything they think is good for the ignorant Filipino people. Lastly, he should thank the Filipino people themselves for being so stupid, they believe and support anything white foreigners tell them.