Monday, April 8, 2013

Hello out there to anyone who may be unfortunate enough to read this unconventional blog. My last post was March 2011, after which I fell asleep for two years after listening to a lengthy tribute by ABS-CBN on "Doc" Gerry Ortega, and why the Vatican should canonize him as the next Filipino saint after St. Pedro Watzizname.

I just woke up, and when I did, I was in the jungles immediately outside Hagedornia. That's right, Hagedornia. Puerto Princesa City, you ain't foolin' me. Your real name is Hagedornia, and your ignorant minions have been working incessantly to impose that name on the rest of Palawan. They would have succeeded, too, were it not for someone with an even bigger ego than Edward Hagedorn----Joe C. Alvarez, who wants to turn the rest of Palawan into his personal beach resort and private lumber mill.

I drew my trusty Batangas bolo and hacked my way out of the thick overhang left by JCA's loggers, and when I could finally see the rest of Palawan, I was frustrated because nothing much had changed. The Hagedorns were still warlording it over Puerto Princesa---excuse me, Hagedornia---and JCA was still throwing lots of money around trying to buy the rest of Palawan.

In my next post, let's take a skewed look at the May 2013 elections, and the names of the blackguards the rest of the Palaweno simpletons intend to vote into office to screw them everyday until the next May 2016 elections.